As well as operating the better known points based TIER Visa system, the Isle of Man immigration rules also provide for a lesser known category for entry as a Business Representative of an Overseas Business. The rules are to be found in Section 144-150 (Pages 41-44) of the Isle of Man Immigrations rules SD 62/15.

In summary, this category of Visa can apply where…

The applicant is an employee of a non Isle of Man business which wishes to set up a branch or subsidiary in the Isle of Man for the purposes of (say) expanding its business operations into Europe and the business wishes to send the applicant to the Isle of Man for business purposes.

The applicant must be the sole representative of overseas business in the Isle of Man and they must be employed full time as a representative of that overseas business; also they cannot be the majority shareholder of that overseas business.

The applicant is required to be able to demonstrate competence in English language. In practice this requirement can be met by

– taking a prescribed English language test
– by being a citizen of a specified majority English speaking country such as the USA, Australia or Canada; or
– by having a recognised degree-level qualification taught in English.

The Isle of Man enjoys a special relationship with the EU and is therefore an excellent place from which to access the European free market. See more information about the Isle of Man as an EU Sales Hub and also relocating a business to the Isle of Man.

Benefits –

This visa category, permits a stay for a period of three years; which can then be extended for a period of two years, potentially leading to Indefinite Leave to Remain and British citizenship.

Middleton Katz can assist with setting up an Isle of Man branch or subsidiary for your overseas business. Please contact us for more information about setting up an Isle of Man Company and Immigration matters.

See our Isle of Man Immigration Overview.

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