We are pleased to say we don’t get many complaints. In fact in 10 years we can count formal complaints about our service on the fingers of no hands.
However, mistakes can happen and we take them very seriously. If you are unhappy with our service or our conduct then please contact us immediately to tell us how and where we have gone wrong. We consider it important that our clients and potential clients fully understand both how to make a complaint to us and also the process that is undertaken in the event that this is necessary,
In accordance with 8.32 of the Financial Services Rule Book 2016 Middleton Katz are required to have a written procedure in relation to the way in which it handles any complaint received about its regulated activities, either in writing or in a meeting with a senior or responsible officer that is arranged specifically for this purpose.
Should we receive any such complaint we will:
(a) record the details of the complainant in our complaints register;
(b) provide a written acknowledgment of the complaint to the complainant within seven days of receipt. This acknowledgment will include — (i) a summary of the complaint; (ii) a copy of our complaints-handling procedures; and (iii) whenever appropriate, a request for further details in writing, with supporting evidence;
(c) ensure that the complaint is brought to the attention of one of our Members who has appropriate authority to deal with the complaint;
(d) ensure that the complaint is investigated promptly and thoroughly;
(e) ensure that appropriate action is taken and recorded; and
(f) notify the complainant within 8 weeks of receipt of the complaint details of the outcome of the investigation and of any action taken.
Where we have not been able to complete the investigation within the required timescale, we will notify the Financial Services Authority of the reason.
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